Boost Your Confidence, Feel Beautiful & Sexy 

Having a Beautiful Boudoir Photo Shoot is a confidence boosting experience. Our clients are women who have never usually had a beautiful photo of themselves and can’t believe what happens when a professional makeup artist and a talented photographer work together with someone who doesn’t feel they had a figure or the looks to be drop dead gorgeous!

We want you to experience this amazing opportunity so whatever your size, shape or age we are here to make you feel and look fabulous with stunning photos to prove it.

Most of our clients are looking to boost their self-confidence, celebrate something they have achieved like losing weight or giving their partner a gift he isn’t going to forget! Whatever the reason, this session will provide you with an experience that puts you at ease, and releases your inner diva! Book now because you deserve to see yourself smiling in beautiful pictures! 

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It really is fun!  It is it common to be nervous at first and indeed is the case for most of our clients. However, every one of our ladies leave the studio saying their session was a fun, liberating experience and would recommend it to their girlfriends. It really is about you! Call Kaye on 01843 847700 for a chat today ....

We believe all women are beautiful - sometimes they just need to be shown! 

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Your Photographer

Mario our award winning photographer and creative director is very experienced at capturing women at their best. You are guaranteed to look the best version of you whether you are 25 or 65! He will guide you through all the poses and also encourage you to try a few moves of your own. Mario knows how to pose women to make them leaner and longer than they would normally think possible and during the shoot Kaye is on hand for advice and styling.

What happens on the day?

After arriving at the studio, we will have a chat about your day. After this, it’s time to have a luxury make-up session with our professional Hair and Makeup artist and a glass of bubbly to help you relax. You will then step onto the photographic set to enjoy a Boudoir photo shoot you'll never forget (please notes partners or friends are not allowed in the studio with you whilst you are having your session) With clothing and background changes we will create your perfect look.


Please arrive without makeup and your hair clean and dry. Give your body a good exfoliation and moisturise, don’t worry about fake tan. Please bring a pair of false eyelashes and Jo will put them on for you. Make sure you’re ‘fuzz’ free and nails are manicured. For the photo shoot, your makeup will probably be heavier than you wear usually because of the studio lighting. If you have sensitive skin, please bring your own makeup. If you would like it taken off after your session please let our makeup artist know. But to be honest you will look so hot you will probably want to keep it on as long as possible!

Ideas for outfits and accessories

  • Ideally Wear loose fitting clothes (don't wear skinny jeans before your shoot, they tend to leave marks) and if possible no bra before your session to avoid underwear lines.
  • Bring your favourite lingerie there is usually time for 3 or 4 if you want you can go topless or nude. Bring lots of props and accessories too, ideas are below.
  • All our portraits are done with an artistic eye to make you look beautiful and sexy.
  • Bra and Knickers, Baby dolls, Basques [please remove all labels and loose threads.
  • Burlesque outfits, Vintage outfits and accessories, High heels or thigh high boots.
  • Costume jewellery including, bangles, necklaces, earrings.
  • Feathers, masks, silk wraps, long gloves, fans, riding jacket, hats-vintage military work well.
  • Stockings or lacy pull ups (bring spares in case of ladders).
  • False lashes.
  • Please bring an object that is special to you or your partner: rugby ball, cricket bat, top hat, riding crop, fur coat, a love letter, vintage hairbrush and mirror, a man’s shirt and; tie, 50 Shades of Gray accessories!
picture perfect by mario boudoir by mario 002


While you have coffee Mario will prepare your images as an exciting film show and Kaye will explain how they can be enhanced to show you off to your best advantage. Re-touching can go from very natural to full on airbrushing as you see in the magazines. Viewing your images is the most exciting part. There is something for everyone and the choice is entirely up to you, so don't forget that if your partner wishes to see the images for themselves they need to arrive for the viewing session so that all orders can be placed at the same time. You can, spend as much as you like. Be prepared to love your fabulous images and make a financial commitment on the day. There is no pressure to buy and we do have an interest free payment plan if required. We have a wonderful range of packages, prints, USB's, beautiful treasure boxes and framed wall portraits.
boudoir gift voucher picture perfect by mario 004