Pregnancy or Baby Photography

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“The beginning of a new life.”

Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart        (Winnie the Pooh)

I just wanted to thank  Mario for the most beautiful photos, and I am just so pleased that my mum gave me the portrait voucher to use and persuaded me to go along when I was pregnant.  Mum said I would regret it if I didn’t have some nice photographs of my bump and she was so right.  To top it all, my partner and I went back to Picture Perfect studio when Olivia was just seven days old, and Mario took some absolutely stunning photographs of Olivia and the 3 of us together to add to the ‘bump’ photos before she was born.  What a gift for us all, and for her when she is older.  She will see how much loved she was even before she arrived!  The Picture Perfect studio was so warm, friendly and comfortable; we really enjoyed it, and Olivia slept through most of it quite happily.  Can’t believe I nearly missed out on this – thanks, Mum!

Our Gift Voucher offers you:

  •          A once-in-a-lifetime Pregnancy Photoshoot of your changing body showing the stunning beauty of motherhood (can include your partner)


  •          A quiet and intimate photo shoot of your beautiful baby (or you can include yourself and your partner)
  •          Your own private slideshow presentation in colour &  black and white
  •          The favourite image of your choice presented as a framed 7” x 5” Gift Portrait -  all for only £20! (Gift Vouchers Available)

Your life is about to change in the most exciting way.  No-one will ever have a baby as beautiful as yours, and your capacity to love and protect will know no bounds.  Your baby will be your most precious creation, and you will be longing for photographs to remind you of the oh-so-special days of pregnancy and your baby’s first days – for yourselves and the family.

You won’t have a minute to yourself, so we are here to help by giving you a gift – heartbreakingly beautiful images of your baby’s life before and after their arrival in the world.  Black and white images add intimacy to the special new relationships which will be forming.

During your pregnancy, your body will change in such a beautiful way.  As parents ourselves, we know how meaningful photographs of this time are, and we are sensitive to the way you may feel.  If you are worried about stretch marks or blemishes, we can remove these skilfully, and our studio lighting is designed to make you look your very best.  Your partner is welcome to come with you and take part; this is a special time for you both.

When your baby arrives, we encourage you to come into the studio as soon as possible to capture those newborn photographs that are completely irreplaceable.  We make a warm and cosy atmosphere for you all – a time away from the chaos of your new life as a family and time to enjoy just being together.  You can have a quiet space to feed your baby before or during the newborn photo session helping you all to relax and be comfortable.

Kaye will then show you the stunning results immediately after the photo session, and you can choose your favourite to be made into a 7” x 5” framed Gift Portrait.   She will show you other creative ways of displaying your newborn baby’s first photo shoot with framed images, albums and montages.

This opportunity can never be repeated – so use our special £20 offer TODAY to celebrate your new family, or give a voucher as a very special gift to your friends or family members who are expecting a baby. 

 Vouchers are available for both a Pregnancy ‘Bump Photoshoot’ or a ‘Newborn Baby Photoshoot’. Bumps to Babies Gift Voucher Button


We recommend that the ‘Bump Photoshoot’ take place during the final six weeks of pregnancy. A ‘Newborn Photoshoot’ as soon as possible but before the baby is two weeks old or any other baby shoot up to 12 months old.